Uhuru Pleads With Blackmailing Agents to Report Him to the DCI Over Corruption

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is a man currently under intense pressure. His latest move to deal with corruption accordingly has all but put him in course for a collision with some of his once close friends.

The President has time and again said that he is ready to loose a number of friends if that is what it will take to win the war on corruption.

He has indeed started loosing the friends as Jubilee MPs allied to DP William Ruto have time and again castigated him for plotting DP Ruto’s fall through his apparent war on corruption.

Uhuru has now hit back at such leaders and has played down their threats and blackmail saying that they won’t interfere with the fight on corruption.

A Section of leaders have been claiming that Uhuru is also one of the most corrupt leaders in the Country with his Kenyatta family often mentioned in a number of Corruption scandals that have rocked the Country.

He has now asked those who think that he has stolen anything from the Kenyan Public to have a date with the Director of Criminal Investigations and Report him.

“Nilisikia mwingine akisema sijui nimeiba mali ya nani. Mimi ninamwambia tembea kwa DCI useme ambacho Uhuru ameiba. Hii tabia ya kutishatisha watu ati kwa sababu umetaja mazishi lazima iishe (I heard someone say that I had stolen another’s property. I advise him to go to the DCI. The intimidation of people at funerals must stop),” he said.

Mr Kenyatta also asked governors to help fight the vice by taming it at staff level in the devolved units.

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