King Kaka exposes Vera Sidika without filters for netizens to feast on (photos)

Bootylicious socialite Vera Sidika and rapper King Kaka bumped into each other in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and they took photos together. Both of them shared the photos online but something caught the attention of netizens.

There were huge contrasts in the photos of the socialite.

The photos Vera Sidika shared on social media were flawless, the socialite looked like popular cartoon queen Cinderella.

Things were however completely different in photos that were posted online by King Kaka. Let’s be honest, the pictures shared by the ‘king’ of the ‘queen’ looked like overburn biscuits leaving a bad taste in our mouths.

Netizens have since concluded that Vera Sidika carefully selects and edits the photos she posts online after comparing and contrasting the photos she posted and those that were shared by King Kaka.

They could not hold back from taking virtual jabs at the dram queen who likes to flaunt her ‘perfect’ life.

Here’s the before and after version of Vera’s night. lol

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