Just Like a Prophet, MP Oscar Sudi Foretell’s DCI Kinoti’s Downfall

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DCI George Kinoti is a man who is constantly being watched by a number of individuals due to the nature of his work.

He is the man tasked with unearthing the various scandals and criminal activities in the Country.

As such, he is bound to make enemies who are not pleased with his work either because it is directly targeting them or it is targeting someone close to them.

The latest probe into the alleged lost of funds in the construction of Kimwarer and Arror Dams seems to have gained the DP more enemies with some of them even prophesizing his downfall.

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has launched a scathing attack on the DCI Boss.

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Speaking during an event in his Rift Valley backyard, the lawmaker accused George Kinoti of being used for political vendetta and directly addressed him saying he had destroyed the lives of many Kenyans through his actions.

He went as far as warning Kinoti that he risks ending up like former Electoral Commission of Kenya Chairman Samuel Kivuiti who died a lonely and desperate man after allegedly being used to rig the 2007 general elections.

“Mimi nataka nikuambia Mr Kinoti ya kwamba, ile maneno unafanya, ama ile kazi unafanya, nataka nikuambie macho, ya kwamba ile kazi unafanya haufanyi kazi ya ufisadi. Unafanya kazi ya wakora wengine kwa corner fulani muhakikishe ya kwamba kuna watu mnatafta, kuna watu mnataka kupull down. Mimi nataka nikueleze, Wakati ya Kuvuitu, wakati kura iliibiwa Kenya hii, Kivuitu alitumika, na alienda barabara haifai, na wewe usipochunga, utaenda iyo barabara. Umedestroy maisha ya Wakenya wengi sana. Umeharibu career ya watoto wa Wakenya wengi. Mnashika watoto wa wakenya wenye wako kwa positions, kwa sababu mnataka izo positions. Mimi nataka nikuambie na hao wakubwa wenye wanakutumia, kama hamtaki mtu kwa ofisi fulani, tafadhali mueleze hatukutaki. Mwenyeze mungu yuko atajibu maombi ya wakenya, he will haunt you Mr Kinoti.”

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