How Murang’s folks are minting cash from mangoes

Mrs Mbai, a mother of eight, is a mango grower at Kambiti town in Murang’a County, around 70 kilometers from Nairobi.

Around five years back, Mrs Mbai, 66, held hands with individual little scale ranchers in the zone and began Kambiti East Mango Growers self improvement gathering so as to advertise their natural products better.

For some mango growers here, as in different pieces of the nation, bugs known as organic product flies and the absence of a dependable market was causing them huge misfortunes.

“Since there is no prepared market, I used to peddle my mango natural products at the closest market and transport stops yet I would return home with next to no cash since mangoes were all finished,” clarifies Mrs Mbai who currently has 60 mango trees.

Agribusiness service appraises that somewhere in the range of 30 and 50 percent of the organic product in Kenya go to squander because of absence of legitimate post-collect administration advancements.

Amid collect season, the mango developing zones experience overabundance, and places, for example, Kambiti outdoors advertise get overflowed with huge amounts of the natural product.

Such oversupply pushes ranchers to sell their produces efficiently instead of let them spoil in the homestead.

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