Give Kenyans Engineering jobs,says Raila

The leader of Opposition leader Raila Odinga has urged Kenyan employers to engineering jobs to Kenyan

The AU Envoy while speaking at his Capital hill office said, he government must create both jobs and business opportunities for local engineers so that the country’s economy can grow effectively.

The NASA leader spoke at his Capitol Hill office after meeting with engineers who had paid him a courtesy call.

He agreed to forward the engineers’ petition to President Uhuru Kenyatta so that their issues are looked into.

“All countries that have used their local engineers like China we have seen them experience strong economic growth to change the lives of poor masses,” Raila said.

“China started by training its engineers for the low and high cadre. As a result, all multinationals are running there for good and cheap services.”

“I also call on engineers to reorganise themselves and weed out the corrupt so that Kenyans get value for their money,” Raila said.

The Institute of Engineers of Kenya Secretary General Nathaniel Matalanga said investment in the engineering sector is vital to economic growth.

“We want the government to realign the education sector and invest in engineering courses to create jobs and build our economy,” he said.

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