Art of Reinvesting: Story of rising Kenyan Artist Mistony

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Kenyan entertainers heavily struggle with the art of reinvesting in their careers.

From disheartening stories of musicians not seeing the value of having a manager to countless cases of comedians dismissing the need invest in their looks, entertainers in Kenya have struggled majorly because of this.

Singer Mistony, however, is bringing a new flavour in the business and showing that reinvesting your earnings, no matter how small they might be, eventually pays of in the long run.

Real name, Jane Ikasi, an United Kingdom-based Kenyan Afrobeat and pop vocalist, is among a special breed of young Kenyan artists dedicated to pushing their careers to extraordinary levels.

In the past two months, the singer, who is working Grandpa Record stable, has done a one-of-a-kind, never-done-before aggressive tour that has seen her visit several parts of Kenya and East Africa in general.

She was in Kigali almost two weeks ago, as part of her East African tour to promote her music in the region. Before that, she visited Uganda three weeks ago, returned to Kenya for another series of tours and expected to conclude the tour this week in Tanzania.

Very few artists in Kenya have ever thought of doing that. Campaigns are mostly done on social media and kaput. Chapter closed.  It’s one of the reasons why artists’ brands fail to grown past +254, or Nairobi to be specific.

For the five years she’s been in the music business since releasing her debut “Baby” while in still living London, Mistony has managed to rise from a mere singer/dancer to working with Nigerian singer Inyanya, and establish her name as a core top-rated East African artist.

Unlike many other singers, Mistony has shown the true art of re-investing in music career 

According to sources close to her operations, the singer doesn’t re-wear her cloths once she has hit stage. She actually donates them. Talk of investing in fashion also.

Again, she’s always ready to spend on anything that will bring growth in her career a reason why several months ago she forked a clean Sh0.5 million for a new dance challenge for her video “Shaku Shaku”.

So far she has 17 songs under her name as she looks to launch her first album. Some of her popular songs include Kiss My, Dizzy Love, CocaCola Body and Want It All, among others.

Mistony has also travelled and performed in major concerts, festivals, corporate events, Soirées such as The Queen Elizabeth hall, London Indigo O2, G8 Cornwall, Coronet Theatre, Stratford Rex, Royal regency banqueting suite and many more.

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