The War in RiftValley: Murkomen And Lawyer Donald Kipkorir have vicious battle of words.

Things are not brewing well with some of the top leaders in the Rift Valley region.

It all started when Kipkorir regretted that despite the communities in Rift Valley being represented in government for 41 years, the representation did not add much value to the lives of the people in the grassroots.

He added that claims from certain leaders that the war against corruption was targeting them were hypocritical.

Murkomen stepped in to allege that Donald expected former President Daniel Moi and Deputy President William Ruto to help the lawyer get listed on Forbes.

Donald responded that he had never asked for Moi’s help arguing that he did not have a godfather, “I pay my taxes …. And my taxes aren’t in thousands!”

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Senate Majority Leader then challenged DBK to submit to a lifestyle audit in regard to allegations that Kipkorir’s firm was used to siphon public funds from parastatals during the Moi era.

In response, Donald stated that he was ready for an audit and accused Murkomen of being involved in multiple scandals.

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