MPs Alfred Keter, Joshua Kutuny tells off leaders politicizing corruption war

The war against corruption has taken center stage after some Lawmakers claimed the graft war is targeting people from certain tribe.

Now MPs Alfred Keter(Nandi hills) and Joshua Kutuny(Cherangany) have dismissed claims  by a section of Rift Valley leaders that the region is being targeted in war on corruption.

Speaking in Parliament, the two legislators asked their counterparts to allow the investigators to do their job independently and stop politicizing corruption issue and bringing tribal wars in it.

“We have heard so many people trying to say that some communities are being targeted or this issue of corruption is about 2022; I want to say that there is no community which is being targeted by anyone; neither is this fight about the politics of the 2022. The question we should be asking ourselves is ; what are we doing about the resources which are lost  through corruption?” Keter said.

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The Nandi hills legislator further called on his colleagues to stop interfering with any ongoing investigation saying the investigators are doing their job as mandated by the  constitution and they should be given ample time.

“These people who are coming out to defend  other  people on corruption case which is being investigated should stop and do their job which their constituents elected them to do; the DCI and the DPP are dong theirs and no one should pre-empt their investigation; if you are not involved in any corruption case then you should not panic,” said Keter.

The leaders further said they support President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Director of Public Prosecution  and the Director of Criminal Investigations in the fight against graft and urged other leaders to join them regardless of their tribe

“There is no one who has been mentioned in the latest scandal, so I do not understand why people are going around saying a tribe is being targeted, which tribe involves itself in corruption? Which tribe is the DPP and the DCI  investigating ? Don’t they investigate individuals who are in offices looting public funds?” Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny wondered.

Monday morning, Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo had also asked  his colleagues to respect the office of the DCI and the DPP and allow them to do their job without intimidation  or threats from any Member of Parliament.

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He called on those who are not satisfied with what the DCI George Kinoti and the  DPP Noordin Haji are doing to fight corruption, to raise their complaints in their respective offices and stop politicizing corruption cases.

This follows Sunday’s remarks by  Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi who is  a close ally of the Deputy President William Ruto who  faulted the DCI for his persistent spirit to fight corruption terming it a target war against those who support Ruto.

“I want to warn DCI Kinoti that he should not be used by some thugs to fight political wars,” he said.

The legislator further alleged that the war on corruption had led to the children of powerful figures in government losing their jobs on suspicious grounds.

“You’re are arresting and prosecuting the close associates of DP Ruto but God will settle it all,” he added.

Sudi equally attacked President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Party leader Raila Odinga claiming that the handshake was not sincere.

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