How a Homa Bay school has been turned to a changáa den

Parents at Ndhiwa, Homa Bay county bare furious with a headteacher who sends pupils to but him chang’aa while they should be in class. They are demanding tat he should quit from the school.

He often drinks it in the presence of pupils who brought him the drink. Some pupils have come to live with it and often joke that he’s not as potent without tasting his waters. The cheeky ones even nicknamed him ‘Mr. Energizer.’

It was wondered how this had gone unabated until a curious parent tracked some boys from a chang’aa brewing home to the school where they took a half litre bottle of the drink to the head teacher.

The parents now tie teacher’s perennial tipsiness to poor academic performance of the school in subsequent Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams. Some parents accuse the teacher of arbitrarily felling trees in the school to sell so that he gets money for buying.

He sales timber to get chang’aa money and when the money for timber is out, he orders children to gather fire wood around the school which eventually ends up at Mama Pima’s stove.

Homa Bay County Director of Education Fredrick Muturi said they are investigating the allegations leveled against teacher. The head teacher is, however, putting up a brave face saying that only his employer, the Teachers Service Commission, has a say over him.

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