Governor Rasanga says he cannot sack corrupt employees because he will need their votes

Governor Cornel Rasanga appears before the Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee to answer to the audit queries, August 8, 2018. /JACK OWUOR

“What do I do? I cannot sack them since they are my people and some have families to raise,” the Governor to the bewilderment of the public.

Those are words of Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga.

Mr Rasanga said his hands are tied and he cannot sack corrupt workers.

He added that some of the culprits are his allies and he is unable to sack them since he might need their votes in future.

Rasanga was speaking during a public participation forum in Siaya where he lined up all his ministers to field questions.

The Governor said the rot in the Lands and Public Works ministries requires a quick remedy.

“The level of corruption in Public Works has made me fear to visit the place,” Rasanga said.

He said some employees are working for the county government and doing private ventures, therefore, compromising service delivery.

Rasanga said in the financial year 2013-2014, staff in Public Works connived to offer tenders to contractors who had no capacity to perform tasks to the expectation, hence delivering shoddy jobs.

The Governor, however, said they have come up with a raft of measures to reduce corruption loopholes by introducing electronic tendering system.

“I used to be bombarded by potential contractors seeking tenders but I have since told them to apply electronically,” Rasanga said.

Rasanga said they will begin teaching locals on the new system that seeks to offer equal opportunity to all potential bidders.

On the issue of skewed bursary allocation, the Governor said he had asked education staffs to get a list of beneficiaries after payment is done and pin on the board then to keep a copy of the same in their respective offices.

Rasanga said inept workers will be sacked and replaced with performers.

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