Former Slimpossible First Runners Up Shocked to Find House Burnt In Suspicious Circumstances!

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Levi Kones is fondly remembered for his time in popular tv show Slimpossible in 2013 where he clinched the runners up position.

The lad, who recently divulged on his battle with cancer, is now counting his losses after his house was burnt down in unknown circumstances.

Kones, through a Facebook post, revealed his tiny house in the village was razed to the ground under unclear circumstances.

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He was however thankful his grandmother, mother and brother were unhurt despite their Turbo, Uasin Gishu County home turning into ashes.

“It really hurts though because now I officially have no home in the rural area. A fire engine was called. Two responded. One was in Eldoret and the other came all the way from Kuinet,” Kones wrote.

Photos shared on his timeline gave a picture of how gory the fire was with only a few iron sheets remaining to remind him of the home he once had.

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Everything was charred and the place he used to call home appeared to be no man’s land.

As if not enough tragedy has come his way, the chap left Kenyans in tears when he revealed his battle with cancer back in 2018.

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