Steve Mbogo,CS Fred Matiang’i firearm fight lands in court

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Flamboyant city politician Steve Mbogo has open war with Interior CS Fred Matiangi’s team after he was asked to surrender firearms.

The Nairobi politician’s assistant confirmed to that he sued the Firearms and Licensing Board, which is under the Interior ministry, claiming that their decision to detain his firearms, their certificates and ammunition was discriminatory.

Mbogo, through his lawyer Willis Otieno, further divulged that he lawfully acquired the guns that he owns.

In the court papers, he also explained that he had never been involved in unlawful activities by use of the firearms he owns for his guns to be withdrawn.

Mbogo made the move during the ongoing gun holders vetting commissioned by CS Matiang’i in which he was reportedly asked to surrender his guns.

In the vetting process, The Firearms Licensing Board has requisitioned 340 firearms & 5,371 assorted ammunition and cancelled 36 licenses issued irregularly.

In January, the Firearm Licensing Board Chairman, Charles Mukindia, announced a mandatory re-evaluation exercise of all licensed gun holders.

The exercise commenced on February 4, 2019 and Matiang’i has vowed that there would not be an extention for those who won’t appear for vetting of their guns in time. It is scheduled to end on March 7.

Matiang’i had earlier blasted civilians using guns as showoff toys or as an expression of machismo.

This was in likely reference to the scenario on January 15 during the Dusit D2 terror attack at 14 Riverside.

During the attack, Steve Mbogo, a city politician, showed up wearing a bulletproof vest and displaying a semi-automatic rifle.

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