Search for an eight-year-old girl who escaped when villagers in Migori massacred her six relatives

Some of the houses that were torched in the February 29, 2019 attack. /MANUEL ODENY

Six individuals kicked the bucket and a few others, including an eight-year-old young lady, got away demise barely in Rongo, Migori province in a vengeance ‘black magic’ assault

Inhabitants of Nyang’au Village completed the assault on a family associated with being witches and burnt their five houses on Thursday night.

The six bodies were taken to Rosewood funeral home in Rongo town.

Rongo OCPD Kibet Kirui said four other relatives figured out how to get away from the assault yet supported genuine consumes in the occurrence.

They were later taken to Migori Referral Hospital for treatment where they are as yet getting medicinal consideration.

Cops who touched base at the scene are searching for an eight-year-old young lady from the family whom police suspect was either scorched in the inferno or circumvented amid the skirmish.

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