The War is Still On, Nigeria’s Opposition Leader Tells Buhari

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the February 23 presidential election, Atiku Abubakar, on Wednesday said he would reclaim his ‘stolen’ mandate.

Speaking during a world press conference in Abuja, he said the result of the election announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission did not reflect the wishes of Nigerians and the votes of the electorate.

He said the election was the worst in 30 years, adding that he was consulting not only with his party members but other relevant stakeholders on his next line of action.

The former Vice-President thanked Nigerians for choosing democracy as a system of government.

He stated that democracy would be the government of the people and by the people only when the people’s choice prevailed.

According to him, that did not happen on Saturday.

He accused the Muhammadu Buhari administration of perpetuating electoral fraud.

He said, “On election day, we saw the implementation of grand theft of the people’s will. I am not one for hyperbole, so I will just let the facts speak for themselves.

“In Akwa Ibom State for instance, the result showed a statistical impossibility of a 62 per cent drop in voter numbers from the 2015 election even where voter registration and permanent voter cards collection rate were much higher in 2015. This is why voter suppression took place.

“You must recall, our party made this observation and complaint before the elections, that there were plans to implement voter suppression on the PDP or opposition’s strongholds and voter increase in the All Progressives Congress’ strongholds. This pattern was repeated in strongholds of the PDP including states like Delta, Rivers, Abia and Benue.

“This is a long journey but I am confident of victory. All hope is not lost, stay strong. By the grace of God, we shall triumph.”

He urged the international investors and friends of Nigeria who were to pull out of the country, not to do so.

Atiku, who claimed that the stock market lost N85bn on Tuesday, pleaded with investors to be patient and keep faith with the Nigerian people.

He said, “Your problem is not with the Nigerian people, your quarrel is with those who stole their mandate. Please do not punish the people by divesting from Nigeria.”

The two (Buhari and Atiku) were the main contestants apart from many other candidates and their rivalry seems not to have ended even after the end of the election.

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