The main man behind Uhuruto’s merger

Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny has revealed how he brought DP Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta together to form Jubilee coalition.

While speaking in an interview he said, “I personally thwarted the separate arrangements the two leaders had. I convinced Uhuru not to go to Bungoma. I insisted that he needed to have another meeting with Ruto,”

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In addition Kutuny, said revealed that DP William Ruto had travelled to the Coast to unveil Chirau Ali Makwere as his deputy.

Uhuru and Ruto were then strugglingb to strike a deal and time was running out for the two teams, who were set to meet a much organised Raila Odinga, then the Prime Minister.

Fortunately Kutuny managed to convince the two to run together, with Ruto, who was set to be URP presidential flag bearer, settling to deputise Uhuru in a dramatic version.

“My group was in Mombasa waiting for me, they were shocked to see the breaking news that I had endorsed Uhuru for president and Ruto for deputy president in Narok. That was the turning point,” he revealed.

After the polls in which Jubilee coalition carried the day, Kutuny, who had lost his Cherangany seat, was picked by the President as his political advisor. 

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