Brutal woman kills her niece and locks her in the house

Asmahan Abdisalan is suspected to have been brutally murdered in her aunt’s house at Eastleigh. Neighbors say that the aunt used to lock her one bedroom during the day and her interaction with neighbors was always minimal. They could only hear activity in the house at night.

They claim the girl used to be locked in the house after she stopped attending school months ago. The neighbors also suspect the girl was used as a sex toy. Police suspect the girl was tortured to death. Her body had deep cuts on the thighs, forehead as well as burns suspected to have been caused by acid.

Police say they received a tip from a mosque in South C estate where the girl’s body had been taken for cleaning and prayers ahead of burial in line with Islamic traditions. A whistle blower followed the three to the mosque and confronted them and told the mosque attendants not to touch the body.

The aunt, 28 year-old Nadhifa Mohammed has been arrested with three other suspects.

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