Contaminated Medicine? Kantai’s Manager Reveals More on the Rapper’s Death

Phenomenal Kenyan rapper Chris Kantai has revealed more about the rapper’s death.

Speaking to a local tabloid, here’s what he said:

“Kantai had been sick for a while. Three days ago, he took medicine that was contaminated, which he bought over the counter.

After taking the medicine (which had a certain chemical in it), he had a burning sensation in his body. He was shaking and sweating. Basically, he was very weak.

Eating, talking and even drinking water was a problem. He was just laying in bed”

Two days ago, the rapper was then taken to St Francis hospital in Kasarani, before succumbing on Wednesday morning.

“Last night, his health had improved and he had started talking. But he developed breathing complications and he died this morning while receiving treatment”

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