GSU officer feted for Heroic Acts During Dusit D2 Attack

Constable Ali Kombo

A GSU officer that demonstrated heroic gesture during the Dusit D2 terror attacks, was feted with the Heroes Award at a gala held on Tuesday, at the Tribe Hotel, Nairobi

Constable Ali Kombo played a pivotal role in rescuing victims during the attack.

During his acceptance speech, the GSU officer was grateful to be awarded and went on to reiterate that the award was not only his but all fellow officers who put their personal well-being on the line on a daily basis.

“Thank you for this rare honour, you have given me and fellow officers hope to do more, and to do better, we must all work together, summon our best selves, and always do our best in whichever position we are given,” he reiterated.

Speaking at the Gala, United Nations advisor and Convener of The Youth Congress, Raphael Obonyo, affirmed that Constable Kombo was being honoured in recognition of his outstanding bravery under high pressure.

Officer Kombo put his own life on the line in front of innocent non-combatants during the terror attacks, leading to the safe evacuation of countless civilians.

Mr Obonyo presented the awarded to the constable and lauded his commitment to serving the nation.

“This is a special award for individuals who keep doing their best, and give hope using their example, like Police Officer Kombo who acted without regard to his own safety and rose beyond the call of duty,” he stated.

The Youth Congress convener went on to urge the public to emulate Kombo’s commitment to service as well as recognize the heroic and noble acts of other officers as opposed to constantly focusing on criticizing them.

Each year, the Obonyo Foundation presents Commendation Award to who display outstanding initiative, expertise and empathy towards their fellow human beings by applying extraordinary skills in emergency situations and sometimes at risk to themselves.

Constable Ali Kombo and fellow GSU officers guiding civilians to safety during the dusit D2 attacks

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