Why it took so long to compensate Solai Victims

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About nine months since the Solai Dam catastrophe that took over 48 lives and rendered several people destitute and nursing wounds, the casualties of the disaster are still in pain over compensation.

Feelings ran high on Monday when Senate visited the area of the tragedy.

The unfortunate casualties said proprietors of the dam exploited their poor state to misuse them.

The exploited people likewise took an issue with a few executives whom they blamed for being ‘stashed’.

A large portion of the real unfortunate casualties was not remunerated since the chairmen wrecked with the pay records embeddings names of individuals who were not part of the affected people.


Regardless of the story that exploited people have been redressed, the content is different on the ground with ladies sincerely weeping for their rights.

They are additionally hitting out at the administration for neglecting to guarantee the Senate write about the disaster.

Valentine Mursoi, who was maintaining a business in the region, said the catastrophe flipped around her life.

The sorrowful mother of two said the circumstance has abandoned her wiped out.

Her allure is to the administration to guarantee that each one of those exploited people whose wellbeing was destroyed because of the dam disaster are dealt with.

Catherine Nabonyo,27, said she got no pay in spite of her shop being cleared away by the dam water.

I was running a shop here which was cleared away amid the disaster. Sufficiently miserable is that amid pay I was informed that my shop was little and in this manner no requirement for payment.

Catherine Nabonyo, survivor

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior, who led the Ad hoc advisory group on Solai Dam disaster, said he will guarantee the report is executed.

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