Why father threatened to beat in-laws after postmortem results

Details have emerged on why tensions flared Monday at Chiromo Mortuary when parents of the deceased Beryl Adhiambo clashed over postmortem results.

The post-mortem examination showed that Beryl died of strangulation.

Government pathologist Peter Ndegwa also confirmed that she suffered injuries to the head as well.

Beryl’s father, Douglas Ouma Nyakach, has been claiming that his in-laws kept hiding details on the circumstance of his daughter’s death.

At the mortuary on Monday, the father was seen pushing and shoving one of his in-laws, prompting police to come in and separate them.

The late Beryl Adhiambo Ouma and her husband Laiko Osuri.


According to the post-mortem report, Beryl’s head injuries were as a result of being hit by a blunt object at least six times, but that was not the cause of death.

Three pathologists, Joseph Ndung’u, representing Beryl’s family, Charles Muturi, representing the suspect’s family, and Government pathologist Peter Ndegwa conducted the postmortem.

Beryl’s family lawyer Evans Ondieki told journalists that the pathologists were unanimous that Beryl was physically strangled to death.

Beryl’s father suspects that his son-in-law, Laiko Osuri, is related to a government official and feared that the relationship may come into play at his daughter’s post-mortem, hence the need for the three pathologists.

Laiko was arrested after he reportedly assaulted his wife at their Kahawa Sukari house.

Beryl was heard screaming and calling for help for more than four hours according to the neighbours, but no one came to her rescue.

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