Who are Beryl Ouma’s killers?Autopsy report reveals shocking information

Do you remember the lady who only recently allegedly died from domestic violence?

Well, Beryl Ouma’s autopsy results has  revealed shocking information surrounding the real cause of her death .

According to the results, the deceased, who died after an alleged beating by the husband, also suffered severe injuries as a result of being hit by a metallic object at least six times. However, that was not the cause of her death.

Evans Ondieki, a lawyer representing doctors and the family, stated all the pathologists agreed in the judgment citing Ms Ouma was strangled.

The postmortem was conducted by three pathologists; Joseph Ndung’u who represented Beryl’s family, Charles Muturi represented the suspect’s family and State pathologist Peter Ndegwa.

“The doctors said this could not be an accident or treated as self-strangulation, and that it cannot be self-inflicted,” Ondieki stated.

He added that Beryl was killed and it could not have been done by only one person.

“We don’t want to speculate, what we want is for the police to charge the suspects because the killers are known,” he cited.

“Let them be taken to court and face the law. The family wants justice,” he continued.

According to The Standard, Ondieki stated the three pathologists and two lawyers needed to be there since the death of Beryl had become controversial.

Ms Ouma died on February 21, 2019, after a fight ensued between her and her husband, Laiko Osuri, at their home in Kahawa Sukari.

She was confirmed dead by a doctor at Neema hospital in the same estate.

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