Ringtone Has So Many Cows, His Wazungu Residents are Complaining!

When you leave in a posh neighbourhood like Runda, Lavington, or Karen, then maybe its high time you considered not owning dozens of cows in your backyard right?

Well, that’s not the case for this controversial gospel artist.

Indeed, the artist, who has been labeled a womanizer and playboy by quite a number of tabloids, is on the sport after his neghbours complained about his cows.

Yes, his cows!

In fact, the residents were so angry about the cows that they opted to pen a letter to the singer and request that the wealthy gospel artist should relocate his 40 cows elsewhere.

Here’s the letter in question:

Nevertheless, knowing how controversial Ringtone is, could this be a real letter or a letter aiming at bringing the spotlight his way?

Only Ringtone knows. In the meantime, up for some fried beef and ugali anyone?

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