Sad! Renown Kenyan Dj get robbed

Dj Protégé, a popular Kenyan Dj has been robbed. The thieves are said to have broken into the house and made away with property of unknown value. Among the items stolen were; 2 laptops, a Go-pro, several Hard discs, accessories and personal data.

He was planning to attend a friend’s funeral but all that had now been put to a halt because he was pursuing the matter with the police. He called on whoever stole from him to at least return his hard discs, and also promised to give Sh100, 000 reward to whoever will lead to the recovery of his stolen property.

”So am spending my morning at the police station following a break in at my home this morning. I’ve lost 2 laptops, a Go-Pro, Hard discs, accessories & my data (music, photos, mixes and personal data) collected over years. Worse is I was to attend a friends funeral today but that’s cancelled now. What a setback…. Am sure whoever stole them will read this coz it’s like they timed me, please just dumb the hard discs where you dumped my bag. A reward of 100k for any info that will lead to their recovery.”

This comes shortly after Grandpa records studio and Patricia Kihoro’s house was broken into and property of high value stolen.

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