Lilian Muli as a Video Vixen?? Here’s the Kamba Video That’s Making Waves on the Internet!

Lilian Muli is talented, and truth be told, she was born solely for the spotlight. Indeed, she has manifested a successful tv career, albeit the myriad of scandals that have tainted her name.

That being said, Lilian Muli showed us that she’s on a whole other ball game after she starred as the lead vixen in a new kamba video.

The song, which goes by the name Kyaa Kya Ngai (What belongs to God belongs to Him) is a recent release by the moot Kamba singer Stephen Kasolo.

In the video, diva Lilian Muli is seen casually dancing to the song and executing a sing along to the lyrics while clad in a chic ‘Yellow’ African print synonymous to the Kamba culture.

What a show!

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