KRA Has Not Stopped TAX Filing

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There was a blog that has spoken about the Kenyan tax man has opted to do away with PAYE tax returns. Kenyans being good ‘netzens’ the word has reached far and wide and has even reached the tax man and KRA has swiftly responded that that information was not true at all.

The tax arm of the nation KRA has issued a statement saying that the publisher of the story must have misinterpreted KRA’s earlier communications. The agency had informed the public that it had enhanced the iTax portal with auto-populated fields for folks with employment as their primary source of income during the tax filing exercise.

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This is what the statement said:

” iTax has been enhanced to have an auto-populated return of employment income. This has made it much easier, smoother and faster for employees whose source of income is only employment to file their returns. The employees are only required to input data on pension and annual relief. On receipt of the P9 certificates, the employees should simply proceed and file their returns accordingly.

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KRA wishes to clarify that the statement does not mean that it has gotten rid of tax filings. You, as the esteemed and loyal taxpayer, should, therefore, disregard the wrong information and adhere to the agency’s norms and practices.

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