Kilifi teenage pregnancy menace escalates as over 4,000 more cases are reported

The Kilifi County executive for Gender and Social Services Maureen Mwangovya has revealed recent statistics of teenage pregnancies in the area, which indicate an increase of over 4,000 more pregnant teenagers.

The released figures showed that 17,850 teenagers had fallen pregnant since December last year. This, in comparison to last year’s 13,000 cases translate to 4,850 more teenage pregnancies in the county.

“These are statistics from our various health facilities and they were recorded as of December last year. In September 13,000 girls were pregnant,” said Ms Mwangovya.

“This means in the three months to December, 4,850 teenage girls fell pregnant. This is alarming,” she added.

According to statistics from the Kilifi Department of Health, most of the pregnancy cases were from poor rural areas.

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Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi addressing residents

There have been attempts to counter the menace, with county Governor Amason Kingi forming a task force to look into the teenage pregnancies. The task force has however never met since its formation.

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