I suffered irreparable pain on the hands of the late Malindi OCPD: Philip Etale recounts

Philip Etale

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) official has recounted his ordeal at the hands of Malindi OCPD Matawa Muchangi who passed on yesterday.

Philip Etale, ODM communications director indicated that he suffered agonizing pain three years ago on claims that he had helped rig elections.  

He explained that the late Muchangi  led a battalion of police officers who ambushed him at a Malindi hotel and proceeded to manhandle him.

The armed officers could not answer his numerous questions but only mistreated and tormented him.

“Three years ago, I had a terrifying ordeal in Malindi. I was woken up from deep sleep by a battalion of armed police officers, in uniform and plain clothes, all armed to the tooth.

“I was mistreated, manhandled and embarrassed by shameless police officers who kept telling me “utajua mbele” (You’ll know later) whenever I could ask why they had cut short my sleep at 1:30am,” revealed the politician.

While equating the experience to that of how a wanted criminal is treated, Etale, however, narrowed to Muchangi who was then the Kilifi Police boss for inflicting pain in him.

“I had never dreamed of ever being treated like Carlos the Jackal or any other most wanted criminal in my life. That was the day I became one, thanks to orders from above,” he continued.

Once he was taken to a car where the Kilifi boss was, he tried making his case while crying but the officer was having none of that.

“I looked at this fatherly looking old man commanding his juniors to drive me away and said to him politely as tears rolled down my cheeks. “Sir, nimekosa nini?” (what wrong have I done?)… He then retorted in a manner likely to suggest that I was really the baddest man on earth,” he remarked.

He, nonetheless, joined Muchangi’s family and the police fraternity in mourning his death.

The late Malindi OCPD Matawa Muchangi

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