Senate on a ‘fact finding’ spree at Solai Dam tragedy site

Senate will today visit the site for then Solai dam tragedy to find facts on House committee report about the tragedy.

The Senators from the Justice, Legal Affairs and Human Rights, the National Security and Foreign Relations and the National Cohesion, Equal Opportunity and Regional Integration committees are among those expected to visit.

Eight months after the disaster that wiped 48 people, a few inquiries stay unanswered on its causal factors.

A specially appointed board of organized by the Senate blamed some government authorities neglecting to convey justice to unfortunate casualties and their families.

Recently, Senators addressed why suggestions made by the House have not been followed up on.

The rebuilding request is still in the racks as the occupants endure. It’s great connivance between the first class against the common people

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo

Nakuru representative Susan Kihika blamed executing organizations for declining to actualize the report.

I am likewise baffled for inaction by the administration to execute the Solai report. Out of the blue, people and experts were held blamable,

Susan Kihika, Nakuru Women Rep

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