MATIANGI Plans to Completely Reform Security in the Country! Here’s how he will do it…

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi plans to reform security in the country for the better.

With his guidance, the Government will spend at least Ksh40 billion to turn 3,600 chiefs’ camps into modern police stations.

Indeed, the super CS said that the project is currently underway and it is believed it will cost at least Ksh2 million to equip each of the posts with an armoury, report office and other amenities.

The new camps will also come equipped with a holding cell as well handle cases in a professional manner.

Moreover, reports indicate that a majority of these police stations will be based on private land, and hence, the Government will spend a large amount of money purchasing land across various parts of the country.

Here’s what Matiangi had to say about the project.

“If a chief needs the police for an operation, the Officer Commanding Police Post (OCPP) will be on the ground with him” 

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