Government finally heeds to NCPB grievances

Senate’s ad-hoc agriculture committee has finally managed to reach a consensus with the conflicted National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) by adopting the board’s proposals.

“The Senate has adopted all proposals by farmers which, if implemented, will end many challenges bedevilling the agriculture sector,” said committee chairperson Margaret Kamar.

The team has also adopted a push by farmers to have guaranteed minimum returns.

According to Prof Kamar, this will assure growers of their true harvest value and make farming a viable investment.

Governors and farmers from maize-growing zones have also been demanding that devolved units be allowed to manage the cereals board.

Prof Kamar was accompanied by senators Ms Mercy Cheben (nominated), Ms Petronila Were (nominated) and Dr Michael Mbito (Trans Nzoia).

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