Messi’s second strike that has left social media in a storm

It was another weekend, another Lionel Messi masterclass, another breathtaking landmark. Barcelona not only survived, but utterly demolished neighbours Sevilla 2-4 with Lionel Messi playing one of the greatest games of his life.

It’s the club he’s scored more against than any other in his career, and he added three to the list on Saturday with a hat trick as Barca came from behind to win 4-2.

Messi grabbed the winner in the final minutes with a lofted little effort, but what’s being most talked about is his second strike. It was a ridiculous left-footed volley. Take a look at this:

Lionel Messi’s volley goal against Sevilla today in slow-motion. This is way too satisfying.— BU Videos (@BuVideos) February 23, 2019

Simply put, that’s one of his best goals in a while. Over the last few seasons, it’s a challenge to find a handful that are better. It was fiercely struck, and the goalkeeper had absolutely no chance. And with his performance, that’s 36 goals in 35 games against Sevilla.

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