What is it like dating in the #MeToo Era? These Memes sum it all!!!

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What do you know about the #MeToo Era?

What is it all about anyway and what does it have to do with dating?

Worry not! I have got you covered

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Dating is hard enough as it is but dating in the #MeToo era is no picnic either. In a country where the people are so politically divided, it has become even more challenging to find a compatible partner. Or even to find someone where there’s makeout potential and doesn’t verbally or physically assault you within ten minutes of meeting them.

Those on the left can’t mingle with those on the right and vice versa without a brawl breaking out, drastically reducing the size of that infamous dating pool we all keep hearing about. Then the #MeToo era came along and terrified some of the perverted men back into their caves, but not enough of them. The creepier men turned the women’s movement into an opportunity to use feminism to pick up women and actually pretend to give a crap about equality. These memes describe exactly what it’s like to date in the #MeToo era.

The Facade

dating in the #MeToo era

Men claiming to be progressive are either lying to get in a woman’s pants or are one of the few remaining chupacabras of the male species. Misogynistic views run deep within our culture, and it’s going to take more than a few decades of women standing up for themselves and fighting for equality to make a difference. Women end up being stuck making the decision to either accept these lies so they can get laid too or hold out for a chupacabra that may or may not exist.

More Men Are Single

dating in the #MeToo era

Women are finally standing up for themselves and men are losing their shit. Instead of simply putting an end to the actions that we’ve told them are sexist and offensive, they’d rather push our buttons further with their jokes. Well, these guys will find themselves home alone everyweekend with no one to play with but their right hand. (No, not all men. Calm down.)

First Date Topics

dating in the #MeToo era

Traditionally, it’s impolite to bring up religion or politics on the first date. In the #MeToo era, however, we’re bringing up these topics right away and making sure we aren’t wasting our time. It says a lot about a person who supports Donald Trump. Why sit through an entire meal with them if there’s no future? If he (or she) ain’t woke, then walk out.

Feminists Don’t Want To Date You

dating in the #MeToo era

These guys who hate on feminists think they’re hurting us by refusing to date us. What they don’t realize is that we never wanted to date them in the first place. Our value isn’t determined by a man, especially not a man who deems us unworthy for fighting for our rights.

Setting Boundaries

dating in the #MeToo era

Women are setting boundaries and men can’t seem to handle it. No one likes change, but as we all know, it’s inevitable. These men need to either roll with the punches or watch as their dating pools diminish into nothing but the internet trolls who keep them company in the wee hours of the night.

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