Meghan Markle Blowing Royal Money

Meghan Markle’s lavish spending while in New York this week will leave Prince William ‘angered’. Well, this is according to Paul Burrell Princess Diana’s Former butler.

He thinks both Prince William and Kate Middleton will be ‘bewildered’ by what seems to him as an ‘over-indulgence’ by the Duchess of Sussex.

Paul Burrell

He says her baby shower looked like a celebrity event, rather than an occasion for a member of the royal family, and he feels the lines are getting blurred between the two.

The Duchess of Sussex has spent time over the last week in the Big Apple with her close friends, including Serena Williams and Amal Clooney.

According to the Daily Mail , the full trip could have cost more than £380,000 ($500,000).

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Paul Burrell, writing in The Sun , said: “I think Prince William will be angered by all of Meghan’s lavish extravagance this week and the fact her baby shower looked so ‘celebrity’ rather than ‘royal’.”

The 60-year-old later added: “Prince William tries to keep his family out of the spotlight, so the fact Meghan’s baby shower was so flaunted will be frustrating for him, and it is causing a rift in the family.”

And he contrasted Meghan’s week in New York with Kate and William’s half term, who are believed to be on a family skiing trip with their children.

Meghan travelled to and from New York in a private jet, which may have cost in the region of $250,000, which is about £200,000.

Her penthouse suite at the Mark Hotel would have cost £114,000 ($150,000) for the five nights, plus claim the group splashed out for another one-bedroom suite at $9,982.05 (£7,600).

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