David Ndii calls out on a Kenyan blogger

Economist David Ndii called out on blogger Karen Omollo who criticized Boniface Murage for sneaking out his baby out of the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

While taking to his twitter account,

In a satirical post on his twitter account, “Tweeps. This law student is prepping for a career in money laundering. As you can see from the resume is below, she is 100% ethics proof (her good grades in legal philosophy and ethics are likely sexually transmitted). Please retweet her employer might be on your TL.”

The economist went further to explain the concept of veil ignorance which explains that people are biased by their situations when deciding how the world would work.

Omollo’s tweets which castigated Murage’s decision to have a kid in his poor circumstances drew heated reactions with majority of Kenyans finding them distasteful and out of touch.

She admitted that she was a child of privilege, noting that her parents had waited for six years to begin giving birth – an arrangement which he believed all Kenyans should emulate.

“My intention was to ridicule her as she did Murage. It’s a revenge tweet. Mission accomplished,” Ndii later tweeted.

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