Tanzania’s Kawe MP to face Magufuli’s wrath

Halima Mdee

Kawe MP Halima Mdee  of the CHADEMA party has been arrested for allegedly making disrespectful remarks against President John Magufuli.

The legislator has been denied bail and would have to spend the weekend at the police station.

She disclosed through Twitter that she had been summoned to Oyster Bay Police station but was unaware of the purpose of the summons

Last year Halima Mdee was arrested by police on orders of Raila Odinga’s personal friend, John Pombe Magufuli.

According to close associates of the MP, Halima was arrested at the Julius Nyerere International Airport at around 3AM on Sunday while arriving from Johannesburg where he went to seek treatment for unknown illness.

Since the start of his presidency, Magufuli has presided over the arrest, detention and intimidation politicians, religious leaders, entertainers, journalists and bloggers who are critical of his leadership.

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