How Al-Shaabab terrorist’s mother is paying for her son’s crime

After the deadly dusit terror attack that left 21 people dead, hundreds have been arrested in connection of the attack.

Terrorist Ali Salim Gichunge’s mother Sakina Abdalla was charged with failure to disclose information related to terrorism acts.

Sakina is accused of breach of her duty to disclose the whereabouts of her son which would have been used to prevent the Dusit terror attack on January 15.

Survivors run to safety after being evacuated from Dusit Complex after a terror attack on January 15 2019. Photo/Monicah Mwangi

She denied the charges before chief magistrate Francis Andayi.Sakina sought to know why her ex-husband is not also being charged.

The state is seeking additional time to conclude investigations against Mandera based Imam Mukhtar Ali said to have been recruiting and radicalising young men.

State counsel Eddie Kaddebbe said no charges will be pressed against three other suspects Mohammed Abdile, Aden Mohammed and Ibrahim Bayow.

An Ethiopian national arrested alongside Mukhtar was charged with being unlawfully present in Kenya which he denied.

Andayi released him on a cash bail of Sh 200, 000.

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