Gakuyo used investor’s money to fund his flamboyant lifestyle

The report discharged on Thursday amid the Sacco’s extraordinary AGM at Kasarani indoor arena demonstrated that Ngari, unlawfully pulled back individuals cash to support a flamboyant lifestyle

Sh88 million was unpredictably moved in 2015, Sh850 million of every 2016 and Sh625 million out of 2017, the report appeared.

Amid the announced period, a few individuals took credits adding up to Sh507 million to purchase homes from Gakuyo’s land firm.

So we can say the cash Gakuyo owes individuals is about Sh1 billion. This is the cash he took wrongfully and with no endorsement of the individuals, and it is the cash we need him to pay,” said Stephen Njoroge, one of the selected vendor beneficiary.

Njoroge, the associate executive for co-agent review, arranged the report close by chief co-agent officer Philip Ulluma.

The authorities noticed the diocesan established Ekeza with a goal of improving himself and not to assist individuals with owning homes as publicized in the media.

The review additionally uncovered that individuals cash was misused through questionable costs which Sacco supervisors couldn’t clarify.

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