Evangelist Jacinta Nzilani comes out as lesbian

A 50-year-old evangelist Jacinta Nzilani became the talk of town after she came out as lesbian at Milimani Law while at the same time serving as full-time gospel evangelist in Nairobi.

Jacinta had accompanied other members of the SOGIE community on the much-anticipated ruling on gay rights.

The ruling was however postponed to May 24 over challenges with the bench of judges.

Nzilani, a widow, says she chose to live with another woman because of the inhuman treatment she received from her in-laws when her husband died.

While speaking to journalists she said, “I lost my church after my husband died but I have another church near Odeon that accepts people like me,”

She was the only one among the hundreds who was willing to say out loud that she is a lesbian compared to the others who chose to use the safe path of only showing disappointment for the ruling but not declaring if they were indeed gay.

“I came to my own decision and I decided to live with other women and I even lost my church back then but I fellowship at a church near Odeon that accommodates my community.” She said.

Celebrity Karen Lucas was among those who were in court to show solidarity with the SOGIE community.

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