Why Miguna Applauded Panyako

Hours after Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) Secretary General Seth Panyako challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta to bring back ousted legal counselor Miguna, oneself announced National Resistance Movement (NRM) pioneer has hailed him for his firm remain on the progressing medical attendants’ strike.

Appearing on a local TV Tuesday night, Panyako cautioned that President Kenyatta has no command to orders nurses back to work over court orders yet he has likewise defied orders about Miguna.

“In the event that we were a nation represented by the standard of law, at that point Miguna would have been in the nation. He is Kenyan. Let Uhuru bring him back,” said the Panyako.

Miguna, who was exiled for partaking in the illegal swearing-in of ODM pioneer Raila Odinga, has now said that Panyako merits credit for being striking enough to withstand weight from the Head of State

“Bravo, Seth Panyako, the SG of the Kenya National Union of Nurses, for courageously advocating the interests of the over-worked and came up short on social insurance laborers; for telling Uhuru Kenyatta that he should obey court orders; and that he isn’t exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else, tweeted Miguna

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