Mourinho isn’t surprised that Juventus loss

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Former Inter Milan manager Josè Mourinho spoke to TeleRadioStereo about Juventus’ chances in the Champions League.

‘Juventus can win the Champions League, they have the quality, experience and a decisive player like Ronaldo, but it would not be a tremendous surprise if it came out now because they face a team with such ambition,’ said Mourinho.

‘Atletico Madrid made an important investment to be able to play the final in its stadium. I think they are playing very well we know how Simone thinks, he has good strikers who can make the difference’

The Portuguese then turned this mind to another tie featuring an Italian team and his former side Roma.

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‘Porto’s goal in the first leg was crucial. It is a team that can count on the experience of Coinceiçao in Italy, which can help. It’s a tactical team, closed and tough. It is not easy to beat and has a good mentality. The result of the first leg leaves everything open, Porto at home is usually strong, the stadium is beautiful with a beautiful atmosphere.’

‘I do not see Roma too strong on the defensive level, I do not think they will be able to get a 0-0, it will be very important to score. I see a very balanced game but not 0-0’.

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