Meet the writer of Sonko’s speech at the UN that awed people.

Cynthia Nyamai Photo/Courtesy

Cynthia Nyamai of CN communications is the skill behind Sonko’s speech at the UN conference that awed Nairobians.

Kenyans who reacted to The speech

Cythnia, a journalist by profession now manages her Public Relations Firm, CN Communications.

On her twitter, she endorsed Sonko’s speech.

During my address to the @UN General Assembly forum in New York. We all need to do more to ensure Cities develop capacity to respond to increased demand for services. @UN_PGA#SonkoAtUNconference— Mike Sonko (@MikeSonko) February 20, 2019

A retweet by Cynthia

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial path, Cynthia had worked in several media houses in Kenya in different capacities as a journalist.

For once, the Nairobians have been impressed with their governor thanks to her speech writer.

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