Kenyans want other government institutions to emulate KPC in graft war transparency

Embattled Kenya Pipeline Company with corruption is undergoing a cleansing period and their public relations image repair is impressing Kenyans.

The state has started forensic audit to investigate corruption allegations at the company.

Petroleum Principal Secretary Andrew Kamau said at a briefing in Nairobi yesterday that UK-based Chan Oil had been selected to undertake the audit and was expected to give a report within seven weeks. The firm was picked on Monday.

“We continue to welcome media and public interest in what we are doing because it is the right of Kenyans to know and question how we manage public resources. We appreciate that much of this reporting may not be favorable towards KPC management, as Kenyan’s focus rightly remain firmly on uprooting past misdeeds in the management of public resources, and reassuring no recurrences not withstanding any potential negative media courage we remain open to and welcome scrutiny that is driven by objectivity. We will also continue operating fully with investigative agencies as they seek to establish and place responsibility for any past wrong doing”, part of their statement reads.

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Petroleum principal secretary Andrew Kamau
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