” I Appreciate Him” Man Cries A River After Wife Kneels Down To Bless Him!

A Nigerian woman left her husband in tears after she decided to kneel down during an outing and started praying for her hubby. The smartly dressed woman praised her husband so fervently as she clenched on to a microphone.

In a viral YouTube video , the lady kept repeating her husband’s happiness is what puts a smile on her face. Completely overwhelmed by her love for her husband, the lady piled praises upon praises on the man who was in the corner sobbing like a little child.

A group of women even brought a few napkins to the praying woman as they gave her a few taps on the shoulder.

“You always make me proud. You are not rich but there is nothing this man does not do for me. He goes out of his way. Whatever makes me happy makes him happy. God, thank you. I am grateful. He even takes my family as his own blood,” she said.

To them, this was the ultimate declaration of love. Drenched in a pool of tears, the dedicated wife praised her husband for being an amazing provider and loving partner.

To her, the hubby’s decision to provide for her family is one of the things she loves deeply about her man.

“What more can I ask for? He loves me despite all my flaws. God I am thankful. I am not even a perfect woman. I know you are not rich but from the little God gave you, you put a smile on my face. God will not forget you my husband,” she cried out.

Three men showed up to support her husband as he continuously wept while listening to the prayer.

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