South Sudan Ashames Akothee’s Critics

South Sudan has come out to rubbish unsubstantiated gossip that has been spread stating that Akothee has been banned from performing in that country.

An official from the South Sudan Embassy in Nairobi has said that the government of South Sudan has not banned Akothee from performing in the country.

Mr Peter Jok set things clear on Wednesday saying that the quotes attributed to South Sudan’s Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Dr Nadia Arop Dudi, banning the musician from setting foot in the country are fabricated.

On Wednesday morning, Kenyans woke up to an article published on South Sudan’s tabloid, which claimed that Dr Dudi rejected Akothee’s application to perform in the country on claims that she is “too immoral”, is “a “bad influence” and “lacks self-respect”.

A quote Jubaeye attributed to Dr Dudi read in part: “I watched Akothee’s performances on YouTube, and with the way she immorally behaves on stage, I conclude she is not the right musician to entertain our youth.”

But now the South Sudan embassy has rubished claims that the artist has been banned from performing in their country.

“The minister [of culture and youth] is not involved, whatsoever, in approving or rejecting artistes’ application to perform in South Sudan. I have read the quotes attributed to Dr Dudi, and I want to confirm that they are fabricated. Akothee has not, in any way, been stopped from headlining shows in South Sudan. What was published on that website [Jubaeye] are purely lies founded on desperation for eyeballs,” said Jok.

Akothee, on her part, had earlier commented that she has not asked for a permission to perform in South Sudan but if the country may require her services, she only charges Ksh 1.5 million for a single show.


This comes days after Akothee posted obscene pictures of her posing on stage at a Malindi Restaurant.

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