Resume To Work or Be Replaced, Government to Striking Nurses

The ministry of health and council of governors have taken a new position on the current state of health in the country where nurses are on strike since 4th this Month, in a joint statement, authorities say measures have been put in place to ensure nurses who will be dismissed will have their case closed.

The two bodies maintained their commitment to the conciliatory talks to resolve the impasse but only if the strike is first called off. The two sides have embarked on remedial stop-gap measures to mitigate the impact of the strike including offering new contracts to ensure continued services to the people.

“It is hereby reiterated that the defiant nurses at both levels of Government will face disciplinary action in accordance with existing government regulations. In addition, mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that dismissed officers are not re-hired at any level of Government” reads the statement.

In the meantime, government is planning to amend the law that allows them to hire medical personel on contract during emergencies situations like the one at hand which has paralyzed work at many government health facilities across the country.

This comes a wake of events where the governing body of nurses Kenya National Union of Nurses chant no retreat, no surrender slogans as their colleagues in Kisii and Murangaa called of the strike after engaging with governors. Similarly Nurses in Bomet county also have called off the strike this evening giving the county government a sounding ultimatum of 21 days.

The statement also cautioned counties that have illegally paid allowances to the striking nurses to be guided by the office of the controller of budgets and constitutional created offices such as SRC saying those who signed the return to work formula should ensure it has no financial implication.

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