Men arrested for killing herdsman over lover affair

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A man and his brother have been arrested in Ndhiwa, Homa Bay county for allegedly killing a herdsman whom he accused of having a love affair with his wife.

Police suspect that Timon Ochieng’,28 and his brother Bernard Onyango,30 beat Fredrick Omuto to death and later hanged his body on a tree to conceal the murder on Monday night.

The incident occurred at Nyandemra village in Kwabwai, Ndhiwa.

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Timon had suspected that Fredrick was eloping with his wife Moraa Ochieng’.

According to police, Timon and his brother telephoned Fredrick on Monday and lured him to visit and engage in sex with Moraa in her house.

Timon used Moraa’s mobile phone and changed his voice to sound like her in executing the plan.

Kasirime assistant chief Wickliffe Otieno said Fredrick was convinced and was attacked when he entered the house at around 11 pm.

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