Meet Sophia, the Eastleigh bank manager who the police have for helping Dusit attackers

Sophia Njoki Mbogo, Diamond Trust Bank manager at Eastleigh branch has appeared before Milimani Law Courts to answer charges linking her to the dreadful Dusit on January 15th.

Her counts were; aiding and abetting a terrorism act, failure to report suspicions regarding crime proceedings and failure to report cash transactions.

The prosecution told the court that between December 4 last year and January 5, 2019, transactions worth over Sh34, 736,550 were made which Njoki with others absent from the court failed to report as suspicious transactions.

Njoki was at the time the bank’s manager for the branch. A similar charge was also read to the court for a transaction worth about Sh1 million between 4th December 2018 and 5th January 2019.

At the time of appearing at the court, Njoki had been in police custody for 30 days

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