Eastleigh banker linked with Dusit terror attack denies charges

Close up of a judge gavel and law books in the background of a courtroom. Selective focus

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, Diamond Trust Bank Eastleigh branch manager Sophia Njoki on Wednesday denied charges pressed against her for aiding in the Dusit D2 terror attack.

Ms Njoki was charged with failure to report suspicious activity regarding proceeds of crime and anti-money laundering, aiding and abetting commission of a terrorism act as well as failure to report a suspicious cash transaction amounting to Sh34.7 million.

According to the prosecution, Njoki failed to stop or report transactions of the monies that exceeded Sh100,000.

Ms Mbogo was arrested on January 24 and the court allowed police to hold her for 30 days alongside seven other terror suspects. The court is set to hear and determine her request to be freed on bond pending

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