Could Akothee’s Controversial Performance Affect Her Career?


Kenyan controversial singer Esther Akoth, commonly known as Akothee faced another stumbling block in her career after an alleged international music tour to South Sudan was cancelled.

According to reports, South Sudan allegedly put a halt to the singer’s scheduled performance citing her wanting moral standing.

 Its purported that,Akothee approached the South Sudan Embassy asking to hold her tour in the country but after discussions, they decided that she was not fit to perform.

Her request was purportedly well received by the embassy at first but after it was forwarded to the relevant ministry in the country, Dr Nadia and Makuei Lueth concluded that her moral standing was.

Makuei Lueth

‘She is a bad influence and lacks self-respect. I watched her performances on YouTube and with the way she immorally behaves on stage, I conclude she is not the right musician to entertain our youth,” the outlet quoted Dr Nadia.

According to Lueth, the musician would still be welcome in the conflicted country but only as a tourist and not a performer based on her history of arrogance and Social media wars.

Akothee dancing on stage

‘I don’t want my kids and relatives to watch a woman spreading her legs while in pants almost exposing her genitals in the name of entertainment. That would be an erotic behavior for them to copy’, revealed Lueth.

Lueth could have seen this

The candid singer has been on the receiving end from angry Kenyans in the past several days after raunchy photos of her emerged on the internet.

During the Abebo Music Festival, the musician showed up in a white body fitting costume and her stage theatrics left tongues wagging.

What, however, shocked the most was the fact that her parents were present during the controversial performance?

Contrary reports, however, emerged later quoting an official from South Sudan Embassy in Nairobi who refuted claims that the controversial singer had been banned from performing in the country.   

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