Bring Miguna back before giving us orders, Panyako tells Uhuru

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Its barely a week after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered nurses to end strike and go back to work failure to which dire consequences would be taken.

However Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) Secretary General Seth Panyako seems to adhere to the president’s orders

While speaking during an interview Panyako rubbished Uhuru’s demand that the striking nurses respect a court order directing them to resume work.

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He further said that Uhuru has no moral authority to speak to that matter after his leadership defied several court orders.

“If we were a country governed by the rule of law then Miguna would have been in the country. He is Kenyan. Let Uhuru bring him back,” said the firebrand leader.

Miguna was exiled to Canada  a year ago after his involvement in the mock presidential coronation of opposition leader Rails Odinga on January 30 2018.

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The government has since defied about 15 court orders given in his favour, with the immigration department declaring him a foreigner who has to reapply for his citizenship.

But the controversial lawyer has remained defiant and has since picked April his year as his return date.

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